March 22, 2014

party animals

i had such a blast at the hogle zoo with my family!! 

||  b a b y   e l e p h a n t || 

|| g i r a f f e ||

the three amigos in the eagles nest

the cutest little addy and me! 

November 17, 2013

lets catch up

selena gomez was amazing, mark that off the bucket list.
we made it on the big screen!

tuesday night bowling, what what!

 i think our new obsession is arcades, yay for provo beach resort!
midnight showing of thor best movie ever. 
had the best trail rides during the last bit of fall.

finally gave in and bought this beaut. all about that niners life.
 we totally dressed up for work. 
 look how adorable my sisters cute little marvel family is. 

trying to win best aunt award one cone at a time.
they went a little crazy with the never on sundae. 

zija international conference was amazing, the speakers were incredible.
so proud of this brother of mine. 
love these girls!
got to go to my first general conference session, it was incredible! 
we had a great day on my dads birthday. i am so grateful for the wonderful plan of salvation. 

September 21, 2013

half time report

the last supper with ryan before he leaves to chile! 
this could possibly be my new favorite thing. 

join the royal army. 

this guy was just walkin around up at the ranch.
 on my way to church the day after that crazy rain storm and i saw this.

i am so proud of kait for going and serving the people of argentina! i know she 
is going to forever change their lives! it was also great to see my home girls!  
i finally got my corn from the state fair, literally crave these bad boys all year.
alpine slide with these cuties! 
my very first reAl game! nothing like stealing a w with a 4-0 win!
 oaklee bae cowboy and me, she's my little cowgirl.
this picture never gets old, i love my little brother and sister. 
lovin me some lagoon with the bestie. 


☼  p o w e l l    2 k 1 3  

 i had so much fun drawing with the sparklers, megg is such an amazing
photographer! and thank you hunter for providing the sparklers.
even though i don't get to see them a lot, these girls mean the world to me. ♡ 
p e r f e c t i o n 
this seriously is my new favorite thing! 
my bestie david.
well us three have been through it all together. i honsestly can say i would not be 
who i am today with out these two! thanks for all that you guys do for me! ILYM. 

right before i got launched off the jump we made.
we got us some matchin jerseys. 
dawgie pile down the slide. 
me and d kitch going off the jump, yeah we owned that ish. 
☼ can't beat the heat, so lets take a ride on the pontoon.  
basket tossin.

July 25, 2013

fiesta days

 2000 plus stripling warriors walked and sang in the parade. 
when they started to come everyone got out of their seats and went 
into the road.  everyone was crying at the amazing scene before them.  
words can't describe how strong the spirit was as these boys and men 
stood strong for our amazing gospel! thanks for your great examples. 

oaklee bae got a new hat at the carnival, 
so crazy how fast she is growing up!
you can say i went a little crazy at the hat booth. 
love me some funnel cake!
~ r o d e o   t i m e ~

 love me some wild child.

  what's fiesta days with out a little fireworks?